Dodge Ball

Dodge to have FUN

With our giant, trampoline-sprung dodgeball courts, Jump Up takes dodgeball to the next level.

The rules are simple. If you hit an opponent with a ball, they’re out. Last bouncer standing claims victory for their team.

Join a game in progress, or book a court and play with a group of friends, it’s up to you.

This really is dodgeball with a difference. Use the bounce to leap out of incoming balls, or line up the perfect aerial shot. 


Each team must begin with an even number of players and balls.

Once you’re “out”, you cannot re-enter the game unless a member of your team catches an opponent’s ball.

You’re “out” if:

·       You get hit by a live ball

·       An opponent catches the ball you just threw

·       You cross the central divide

·       You hit an opponent in the head with the ball

·       You argue with the referee

·       You kick the ball

·       You hold a ball for longer than 10 seconds

You may block a ball with another ball, but if you drop the ball you used to deflect, you’re out.

If a ball bounces off anything (including another player) it is considered “dead”, and will not send you out.

Please note – only Jump Up sanctioned balls are permitted on the trampoline court.


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