Park Rule


1. The maximum weight per user is 130 kg.

2. Don't jump when pregnant or having Asthma, Diabetes and restricted due to health.

3. Children must be at least 3 years of age to use the trampoline units and if less than 7 years of age be supervised by a responsible adult.

4. Don't wear sharp objects like belts with buckles or keys and make sure your pockets are empty and jewelry is kept away before jumping.

5. JumpUp Grip Socks must be worn to ensure good grip.

6. Food and beverages are not permitted in JumpUp Trampoline Park at any time.

7. Eating chewing gum or food items while jumping strictly prohibited.

8. JumpUp Trampoline Park reserves the right to change prices, timing,



1. All Participants must have signed waiver.

2. The use of Trampoline Park is at your own risk.

3. Don't jump under influence or alcohol, drugs or medicine.

4. Self brought items like balls, cameras, phones, etc. are not allowed.

5. Only jump on trampoline and don't jump/land on the padding

6. Only jump and land on two legs spread, knees bent and arms stretched out before you

7. Don't use a trampoline where another person is jumping on.

8. When you fall, keep your arms close to your body. This prevents injury to arms, elbow and shoulders.

9. Try to keep your chin on your chest to prevent whiplash.

10. Don't make saltos or other tricks over the padding.

11. No rough play, running, tackling, pushing or playing tag.

12. Always look around carefully to prevent collisions with other jumpers. It is your responsibility to avoid others.

13. Don't lay or sit on the trampoline. To rest, go out of the Jump Arena.

14. Don't climb in the nets and drapes.

15. Don't run on the padding.

16. Always follow the instructions of the Court Monitors.

17. Trampoline Park may suspend or cancel your participation in any recreational activities in its absolute discretion for non  compliance with these conditions or for reckless or careless conduct.

18. Willful damage to the facilities, fixtures or fittings must not be caused by anyone attending. Any cost of repairs due to damage caused by you or any member of your group will be charged to the person responsible for the booking.

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